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Steinar Refsdal y Cyrena Drusine

Bio & Details

Cyrena and Steinar are an up-and-coming Tango couple, based in Oslo. Cyrena won the US Tango Championship in 2007 and then finished as a finalist in the Tango World Championship in Buenos Aires. She has performed internationally with renowned Argentine Tango companies like Tango Pasión, and has taught and performed in the US, Argentina, Europe and Japan. Steinar is a certified teacher and has a bachelor in Performing Arts Jazz which gives him a unique understanding of musicality and improvisation in Tango. They began dancing together in 2016 and since then have taught and performed in New York, Paris, Copenhagen, Berlin, Stockholm, Buenos Aires and Bangkok in tango festivals, shows and milongas. This year they have competed in Norway’s Got Talent and were selected as finalists. They are known for their elegant dance style and for their clear teaching methods, where they focus on quality of movement, technique and musicality.

René-Marie Meignan y Tania Heer

Bio & Details

René-Marie was born in a theatre, into a family of artists: actors, theatre directors, musicians, painters, dancers… His youth resonates with the live arts: drama, music, and dance. His different artistic experiences have led him to travel the world and it is Berlin that he discovers himself and learns the Argentine tango, notably with Matias Facio and Ismael Ludman. He then developed his dance concept with masters such as Corina Herrera Horacio Godoy,  Moira Castellano, Gustavo Naveira & Giselle Anne, Ruben & Sabrina Veliz, Ariadna Naveira & Fernando Sanchez, Carlitos Espinoza & Noelia Hurtado, Mariano Chicho Frumboli & Juana Sepulveda.

René-Marie is part of the new generation of dancers that represents tango in Europe today. He teaches regular workshop cycles in France and Switzerland as well as the LABOTANGO in Lyon with Tania. In addition to his activities in theatre directing within his company La Mer est ton Miroir, he participates in the organization of the Alchemie Tango Festival in Prague.His dance draws from a great musicality an energy that is both intense and sensitive.

Tania is a dancer, translator, and epicurean. She started dancing tango in early 2012 during a semester of independent studies in Buenos Aires and has been in love with it ever since. Tango came as a rediscovery of a life-long passion that had been left aside during her schooling; as she studied tap, capoeira and classical ballet through the Royal Academy of Dancing program for over ten years. Since 2012 T’s embarked on a search for self-improvement and worked with a number of established maestros including Horacio Godoy, Moira Castellano, Corina Herrera, Ruben & Sabrina Véliz, Ariadna Naveira & Fernando Sánchez, Sebastián Jimenez, Maria Ines Bogado, Ines Muzzopappa and much more. Tango also plays well with her gripping need of discovery and has opened the doors even further for an already experienced traveler, who now has an extra reason to go travel the world.