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Fausto y Stephanie

Bio & Details

FAUSTO AND STEPHANIE are professional dancers, teachers and DJs of Argentine Tango.

FAUSTO CARPINO (Syracuse, Sicily) he had his first encounter with dance
at the age of six, for twelve years he has studied, practiced and participated in many Ballroom dance competitions, regional and national, who have seen him always among the first places.
At the age of sixteen, thanks to his sister Barbara (also dancer) and his partner Claudio, who had recently discovered argentine tango, Fausto had his first contact with this dance, remaining fascinated. After many years of Ballroom training, his learning was very fast and shortly after Barbara, Claudio and Fausto decided to open the first school of Argentine tango in Syracuse, Paladanze. Since then, Fausto became one of the main teachers of Paladanze for several years. Since 2004 he teaches and continues to develop his dance at full time. Besides being a successfull tango dancer, Fausto is also a well-known tango DJ, but lately, because of lack of time, he does not practise this activity very often. From 2008 onwards he was Djing in important festivals, marathons and milongas in Europe, Russia, Turkey, Ukraine, Canada and Argentina.
From 2006 to 2012 he was a member of the organization of the Syracuse International Tango Festival.

At the end of 2006 he meets Veronica Toumanova with whom he collaborated and made a dancing couple from 2007 to 2011. Later, for a short period, he collaborated with Anna Solakius and Maria Filali.
Since July 2011 he’s in a fix dancing couple with Stephanie Fesneau.

STEPHANIE FESNEAU (Paris, France) dance and theater were always present in her life since she was a child. At the age of sixteen she discovers tango, thanks to a friend of her’s, and from that moment on, tango has been always more and more present in her life, until it became it’s essential part.
In a short time she starts to teach in one of the most successful schools in Warsaw, Zlota Milonga, where she taught until 2009, before returning to

Paris, place of birth, where she taught in one of the oldest schools and milongas of the city, Le Chantier. Afterwards, in 2011 she moved to Florence, where she taught for two years at the ‘Pablo’ school.
In her short but intense tango career, she collaborated with several dancers in various schools in Warsaw, Paris and Florence.
Since July 2011 she’s in a fix dancing couple with Fausto Carpino.

THE COUPLE Fausto and Stephanie, are a dance couple since July 2011. After an intense period of preparation, they begin to participate in various tango events as teachers. So far they have taught in more than 27 different countries and 80 cities.

Their lessons are focused on how to propose oneself to the partner in a confortable way within the embrace, based on logic and natural movements.
They believe that connection, musicality and technique are the keys to fully appreciate the beauty of tango.


Alper y Selen

Bio & Details

Alper & Selen CV One of the new generation couples, dance in harmony of dynamics, emotion and elegance. They blend these motives with their in-depth and enthusiastic approach to tango. With their admiration and eternal respect for tango, they have created a unique style with a distinct use of musicality. They give priority to fluency and an analytical approach not only in their dancing but also in their method of teaching. While sharing their knowledge and experience related to tango, they have created an enjoyable style which concentrates on the essence of the subject, combined with musicality and improvisation. They continue to teach and learn because they believe that learning never ends in tango, just as in life. They have been dancing and teaching together since 2005. They have been invited to several tango festivals and workshops They are teaching and performing not only in different cities of Turkey, but also in different countries around europe like Cyprus, Russia, Ukraine, Greece, Germany, Holland, Finland, Canada, Belgium, Lebanon and Italy. In 2010 they performed in Buenos Aires milongas and they have danced with great orchestras; Sexteto Milonguero (Argentina), Soledad (Russia) and Tango Plus (Turkey). They were the champions at the First Open World Tango Championship which was held in İstanbul in May 2008. At the present they are living in İstanbul. They are working in İstanbul Tango. Apart from that they continue to give tango workshops in their own studio called “Tangoloji Dance Studio” where is in Ankara.


 Gianpiero y Lorena

Bio & Details

Gianpiero was only 12 when his father (engineer, martial art teacher and tango lover) involved him in a free project for youngster to approach tango.

He fell in love with tango during his first trip to Buenos Aires when he was only 15 and since then he’s been studying with all the major Maestros.

Becomes a teacher the following year and starts performing in Italy and abroad at 18, realising that he wanted to dedicate his life to tango.

Since then he had the chance to travel around and perform with lots of great dancers as Mila Vigdorova, Corina Herrera, Cesira Miceli, Nadia Hronidu and others. Last but not the least, with Maria Filali, with whom he created a flourishing dialogue and a refined lasting project, which has been internationally acclaimed.

Tango and his pedagogy are strictly connected to his studies of music, engineering and bio-mechanic as “a simple and efficient technique, based on natural laws and aware listening, as the key to free the real and intimate spirit of tango”. During more than a decade, he has been developing a thorough didactic and intriguing training method. Moreover, in order to deepen his research, he also graduated in Motor and Sports Activities and Psychomotor Education Science with a dissertation on Functional Training Method for Tango; and in 2019 he became trainer or Gyrotonic method.

Lorena has been studying dance and ballet since she was five years old, and at 17 she met Tango thanks to Gianpiero Galdi. She got immediately passionate about the didactic and the care that are dedicated to the delicate psyche of the amateurs of this complex art. Under Gianpiero’s guide, she undertook her professional path. Meanwhile, she enrolled in a Bachelor Degree in Motor and Sports Activities and Psychomotor Education Science at University of Salerno, in order to deepen her knowledge about motor control and learning, body awareness and pedagogy. In 2015 she begins studying, teaching, performing and traveling in partnership with Giovanni Cocomero, with whom she collaborated in many projects led by Gianpiero as: Gtango School, the cradle of Tango in Salerno; High School Tangotherapy Project, in high dropout rate schools, teaching teenagers values of social relationships through Tango; Tango at University of Salerno, for getting youngsters acquainted into Tango; Tangere company, the group within they train, research, work, teach and perform. In fact, Tangere Company created its latest show “Cammino Ascolto Tango”. In 2019 she became trainer of Gyrokinesis method.

In 2018, Gianpiero and Lorena begin their partnership, working everyday on the flow of tango connection, based on their deep mutual understanding, as people, friends and dancers. They are moved by the research on the analysis of an always more precise and effective didactic method, later just called the Method, and his procedures, with the aim of providing the expressive Art of Tango of a sharp, accurate but also meaningful, deep and truthful tool of communication.


Steinar Refsdal y Cyrena Drusine

Bio & Details

Cyrena and Steinar are an up-and-coming Tango couple, based in Oslo. Cyrena won the US Tango Championship in 2007 and then finished as a finalist in the Tango World Championship in Buenos Aires. She has performed internationally with renowned Argentine Tango companies like Tango Pasión, and has taught and performed in the US, Argentina, Europe and Japan. Steinar is a certified teacher and has a bachelor in Performing Arts Jazz which gives him a unique understanding of musicality and improvisation in Tango. They began dancing together in 2016 and since then have taught and performed in New York, Paris, Copenhagen, Berlin, Stockholm, Buenos Aires and Bangkok in tango festivals, shows and milongas. This year they have competed in Norway’s Got Talent and were selected as finalists. They are known for their elegant dance style and for their clear teaching methods, where they focus on quality of movement, technique and musicality.

René-Marie Meignan y Tania Heer

Bio & Details

René-Marie was born in a theatre, into a family of artists: actors, theatre directors, musicians, painters, dancers… His youth resonates with the live arts: drama, music, and dance. His different artistic experiences have led him to travel the world and it is Berlin that he discovers himself and learns the Argentine tango, notably with Matias Facio and Ismael Ludman. He then developed his dance concept with masters such as Corina Herrera Horacio Godoy,  Moira Castellano, Gustavo Naveira & Giselle Anne, Ruben & Sabrina Veliz, Ariadna Naveira & Fernando Sanchez, Carlitos Espinoza & Noelia Hurtado, Mariano Chicho Frumboli & Juana Sepulveda.

René-Marie is part of the new generation of dancers that represents tango in Europe today. He teaches regular workshop cycles in France and Switzerland as well as the LABOTANGO in Lyon with Tania. In addition to his activities in theatre directing within his company La Mer est ton Miroir, he participates in the organization of the Alchemie Tango Festival in Prague.His dance draws from a great musicality an energy that is both intense and sensitive.

Tania is a dancer, translator, and epicurean. She started dancing tango in early 2012 during a semester of independent studies in Buenos Aires and has been in love with it ever since. Tango came as a rediscovery of a life-long passion that had been left aside during her schooling; as she studied tap, capoeira and classical ballet through the Royal Academy of Dancing program for over ten years. Since 2012 T’s embarked on a search for self-improvement and worked with a number of established maestros including Horacio Godoy, Moira Castellano, Corina Herrera, Ruben & Sabrina Véliz, Ariadna Naveira & Fernando Sánchez, Sebastián Jimenez, Maria Ines Bogado, Ines Muzzopappa and much more. Tango also plays well with her gripping need of discovery and has opened the doors even further for an already experienced traveler, who now has an extra reason to go travel the world.

DJ Florin Bîlbîie

Bio & Details

He likes to refer to this activity as «musicalizing», from «musicalisador» , rather than “DJing”. He was one of the founders, co-organizer, and resident … DJ of Milonga El Garron in Paris, from 2010 until 2017 when he passed the baton. He started musicalizing in Florence (where he lived at the time) in 2002, and continued doing it as he moved to Oxford, London, Boston, and finally Paris. He travelled intensively and extensively to play at the major tango festivals, marathons and other events until 2016: the list is too long and it is simpler to say that he musicalized the major European events for several years, some of them from their very inception.

In 2016, he stopped travelling in order to dedicate himself to his family and to his full-time job as a macroeconomics professor and researcher. Yet he loves music and kept playing in local milongas and events, first in Paris and more recently around Lausanne, where he moved with his family. He travels to very few tango events, exceptionally, when they happen to coincide with other work or family travels—but when he does, he plays with the same joy and wholehearted dedication. When asked to define his style, he summarizes it by saying that the only guiding principle is “flow”, and he likes to play music that touches him profoundly. He also likes to make dancers discover “new” (less known) music, although that is never an end in itself – it is in fact always subordinated to simply playing “good”, timeless tangos.

DJ Francesco Cieschi

Bio & Details

“I am mainly a Tango dancer, as I think that every Tango DJ should firstly be. But, as a term for describing me putting on music in Milongas, I prefer “Musicalizador” than “DJ”, since I don’t mix music.

Like every Musicalizador, my main concern is to match Tango dancers’ needs, whatever they are. On the dance floor, and just there 🙂 Whether they need to warm up, to walk, to jump around, to rock, to cuddle, to relax, to chill out and so on. And like every Musicalizador, whether he/she likes it or not, I would say I have a profile. Most of all I like lively, joyful and powerful music.

My aim is to see people smiling, enjoying and having a blast.”

DJ Fausto Carpino

Bio & Details

DJ Konrad Krynski

Bio & Details
Konrad Krynski spends way too much time researching tango music. On Thursdays you can find him on a popular Thursday milonga in Budapest that he organizes, on weekends DJing and wine-tasting at international tango events in many countries. As a DJ he will give you a range of famous classical tango orchestras from mid-20ies till late 70ies, spiced up with rare yet exciting danceable pieces. In short, he’ll rip his heart out and give it to you.

DJ Gabriela Ioana Manea

Bio & Details

Passionate dancer and tango traveller for the last 10 years, and an experienced organizer as part of the Bucharest Tango Encuentro and Bucharest Tango Marathon teams, Gabriela has also been DJ-ing in local milongas and national tango events for the last five years. Currently she’s one of the fast-growing international Djs and she has been with us in Tango Cazino since our first edition.

“I’m a passionate dancer first and foremost. I’m a story-teller. I like playing with dancers’ emotions. This is what you’ll feel in my music selection”

DJ Semeon Kukormin

Bio & Details
We all need friends!
And it’s great when they’re in tango!
And when it can be a festival with friends – it’s three times as nice!


Playing music music for friends is always amazing, because you already know their tastes and you can get feedback faster! You feel more relaxed. Trust and support inspire and the music becomes even stronger!


As always, I will play with great respect to the dance floor.
The Golden Age, music for empathy and co-creation!
Tango – is when we dance feelings!

DJ Mihai Georgescu

Bio & Details

Mihai started DJing in 2008 with curiosity and a passion for dancing.
Driven by the idea of being a “DJ devoted to the dancers” his sensibility for the particular atmosphere of an evening made him
quickly became a requested Tango DJ. Since then he is regularly Djing in Paris and has been invited to many Milongas,
Marathons and Festivals all over Europe.
“Tango in the first place about social dancing, and I aim to contribute in the most discreet and attentive way. My ideal
Milonga is one that you leave not remembering what tandas were played, but just that you had a great time !”
Over the past seven years Mihai has played music at more than 230 different Tango-events in more than 20 cities in over 12
But still, he asks himself in each of his sets: “What would I feel like dancing the next Tanda?”

DJ Theo Sevdas

Bio & Details
For me being enthusiastic about dancing tango goes hand in hand with the love for the music. It keeps fascinating me – on the dance floor or while picking the next tanda. My sets will mainly include music from the late 30s to the 60s structured by tandas and cortinas. I like to build the night around the elegance and nostalgic emotions of the 40s. Depending on the mood, I will choose when to go for more romance, energy or drama.

DJ Đurđina Šijaković Maidanik

Bio & Details
“Short text about me (I ve put two paragraphs, you can put first one or both):
I could blahblah about tandas and flow and variety, but the truth is –  I play what my foolish heart tells me to play. So far it works.” 🙂

DJ René-Marie Meignan

Bio & Details

DJ Roxana Iovănesc

Bio & Details