DJ Semeon Kukormin

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We all need friends!
And it’s great when they’re in tango!
And when it can be a festival with friends – it’s three times as nice!


Playing music music for friends is always amazing, because you already know their tastes and you can get feedback faster! You feel more relaxed. Trust and support inspire and the music becomes even stronger!


As always, I will play with great respect to the dance floor.
The Golden Age, music for empathy and co-creation!
Tango – is when we dance feelings!

DJ Gabriela Ioana Manea

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Passionate dancer and tango traveller for the last 10 years, and an experienced organizer as part of the Bucharest Tango Encuentro and Bucharest Tango Marathon teams, Gabriela has also been DJ-ing in local milongas and national tango events for the last five years. Currently she’s one of the fast-growing international Djs and she has been with us in Tango Cazino since our first edition.

“I’m a passionate dancer first and foremost. I’m a story-teller. I like playing with dancers’ emotions. This is what you’ll feel in my music selection”

DJ Konrad Krynski

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Konrad Krynski spends way too much time researching tango music. On Thursdays you can find him on a popular Thursday milonga in Budapest that he organizes, on weekends DJing and wine-tasting at international tango events in many countries. As a DJ he will give you a range of famous classical tango orchestras from mid-20ies till late 70ies, spiced up with rare yet exciting danceable pieces. In short, he’ll rip his heart out and give it to you.

DJ Theo Sevdas

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For me being enthusiastic about dancing tango goes hand in hand with the love for the music. It keeps fascinating me – on the dance floor or while picking the next tanda. My sets will mainly include music from the late 30s to the 60s structured by tandas and cortinas. I like to build the night around the elegance and nostalgic emotions of the 40s. Depending on the mood, I will choose when to go for more romance, energy or drama.

DJ Lorena Tarantino

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“I met tango in the wonderful scenario of Neapolitan Tango Community during my adolescence. I’ve been always keen onto many music genres, classical ballet, opera, musicals and traditional Neapolitan musical heritage. The discovery of tango was the perfect mixture of sounds, lyrics and melodies to engage, enhance and fulfil my curiosity. I’ve been fascinated by the subtile bond that links the Art as a mean to elevate ourselves and as a bless to earthly feelings and desires.

Therefore, as a Dj, I dedicated my research to the objective of offering dancers the opportunity of feeling the most hidden shades of the endless meadow of  emotions Tango may provide.”

DJ René-Marie Meignan

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DJ Fausto Carpino

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DJ Panos Nikoletos

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Panos started his Tango adventure almost 10 years before. His love about the dance and the music led him to Buenos Aires where he stayed and worked as a dancer and a dj for almost 3 years. His music style changing depending the event and the crowd keeping always the classic music style of the milongas in Buenos Aires. He attended many festival and milongas around the world, from salón canning parakultural in Buenos Aires to milongas and festivals all around Europe.

DJ Francesco Cieschi

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DJ Mihai Georgescu

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Mihai started DJing in 2008 with curiosity and a passion for dancing.
Driven by the idea of being a “DJ devoted to the dancers” his sensibility for the particular atmosphere of an evening made him
quickly became a requested Tango DJ. Since then he is regularly Djing in Paris and has been invited to many Milongas,
Marathons and Festivals all over Europe.
“Tango in the first place about social dancing, and I aim to contribute in the most discreet and attentive way. My ideal
Milonga is one that you leave not remembering what tandas were played, but just that you had a great time !”
Over the past seven years Mihai has played music at more than 230 different Tango-events in more than 20 cities in over 12
But still, he asks himself in each of his sets: “What would I feel like dancing the next Tanda?”