DJ Semeon Kukormin

Bio & Details
We all need friends!
And it’s great when they’re in tango!
And when it can be a festival with friends – it’s three times as nice!


Playing music music for friends is always amazing, because you already know their tastes and you can get feedback faster! You feel more relaxed. Trust and support inspire and the music becomes even stronger!


As always, I will play with great respect to the dance floor.
The Golden Age, music for empathy and co-creation!
Tango – is when we dance feelings!

DJ Gabriela Ioana Manea

Bio & Details

Passionate dancer and tango traveller for the last 10 years, and an experienced organizer as part of the Bucharest Tango Encuentro and Bucharest Tango Marathon teams, Gabriela has also been DJ-ing in local milongas and national tango events for the last five years. Currently she’s one of the fast-growing international Djs and she has been with us in Tango Cazino since our first edition.

“I’m a passionate dancer first and foremost. I’m a story-teller. I like playing with dancers’ emotions. This is what you’ll feel in my music selection”

DJ Konrad Krynski

Bio & Details
Konrad Krynski spends way too much time researching tango music. On Thursdays you can find him on a popular Thursday milonga in Budapest that he organizes, on weekends DJing and wine-tasting at international tango events in many countries. As a DJ he will give you a range of famous classical tango orchestras from mid-20ies till late 70ies, spiced up with rare yet exciting danceable pieces. In short, he’ll rip his heart out and give it to you.

DJ Andres Molina

Bio & Details

In his nine years as a DJ. Andrés Molina has grown to become a well-established figure of the Buenos Aires and European tango scene. His mixing is always on the spot and is aimed at creating a continuous high-energy vibe throughout the crowd.

Because he pays close attention to the dancefloor mood, he is able to adapt but also to actively interact with the people around him, making him someone who plays for the people and not according to his own tastes.

His unconventional choices of cortinas also contribute to this idea by being a key tool of the mix selection instead of mere transitions between tandas. For these reasons, Andrés Molina is now considered as a cornerstone of the up-and-coming generation of DJs

DJ Theo Sevdas

Bio & Details
For me being enthusiastic about dancing tango goes hand in hand with the love for the music. It keeps fascinating me – on the dance floor or while picking the next tanda. My sets will mainly include music from the late 30s to the 60s structured by tandas and cortinas. I like to build the night around the elegance and nostalgic emotions of the 40s. Depending on the mood, I will choose when to go for more romance, energy or drama.

DJ Martin Lutsch

Bio & Details

What is better than making people dance? Making people dance with a smile on their faces. This is what i love about playing music.

Living in Stuttgart, I am a co-organizer of Tangoloft where I frequently DJ in our regular milongas. Sharing my favorite tangos with passionate dancers is a true pleasure and great fun and I’m happy for the opportunity to do so at Tango Cazino.

DJ Sven Breynaert

Bio & Details

Sven Breynaert started music school as a 6 years old little boy. He learned to play the classic guitar and later moved on to electric guitar.

At his very young age of 14 he and some of his best friends created their very own rock band: Phrenesis. In that time, he performed also as a party DJ at school parties.

Music has always been an important part of Svens life and various music styles attracted his interest. When at the age of 23 he started with Argentine tango a new musical repertoire opened up to him.

Exploring this rich music and the various instruments inspired him to become a Tango DJ.

His choice for tandas is very well built up, going from soft, smooth, playful and fun to inspiring, rhythmical and lyrical.

Svens way of DJ-ing did not stay unnoticed. And so, he soon was asked to play at various milongas all over Belgium, The Netherlands, Germany and Italy.